Spiritual zoology.

Spiritual zoology. Thoughts and ideas are a little like angels. They move around in our minds, and influence what we say, do, and desire. The Roman Catholic Church wants us to align our individual programs with God’s. The Church wants us to love God, neighbors, and enemies. To help, The Programmer has provided us with Doctors of The Church. They have developed thoughts and philosophies whose study brings us closer to Him.

Ideas that separate us from God are also living things, demonic and destructive in nature. On some TV broadcasts, the perceptive viewer can see these mini-demons being inserted into millions of minds, where their broadcasters hope they cause people to separate themselves from God and His Church.

In every stage of development, the other side sends ideas, like packs of ravenous hounds, into human minds. Their end goal is hatred.

Though they live in our minds, they are invisible to all but the most sensitive. Sometimes, holy men and women tell us, if we pray enough, we may catch little glimpses of these loathsome creatures at work. We can also get a sense of the angels whose constant work keeps them, if we ask, under control.

The Seven Deadly Sins (Pride, Envy, Anger, Sloth, Greed, Gluttony, and Lust; remembered by the mnemonic PEAS, Green, Good, and Little) are vicious, though ethereal, beasts. The insinuate themselves into our mind and try to make us act in ways that ensure that Satan will get our soul.

When we catch ourselves thinking a sinful thought, we should immediately ask for the strength to get it our of our minds. That power comes from God and empowers our Guardian Angel(s) to get rid of the evil spirits who want us to erase the love of The Programmer and download the destructive viruses of the de-programmer.