Stupids & Lazies on the Move.

In freer countries, smarter, harder-working people tend to do better than the lazy and less intelligent. Groups of the latter readily mobilize in freer countries, which allows them the opportunity to have a greater influence. The thing on which they want to have the most influence is taking away the freedoms that allow those more intelligent and harder-working to get ahead of them.

They usually begin their attacks on freedom with two prongs. Unions attack the private sector while government replaces private and Church functions with bureaucrats who are loyal because they’re otherwise unemployable. This process goes on until they are able to get their own people in control of every government function and make every part of society such a function. Cuba shows us a nearby and nearly perfect model of what they want to do. Venezuela exemplifies another.

Universal and increasing poverty is inflicted on all those not working for the new rulers. As the country grows poorer, stupids and lazies in nearby countries say to themselves: “The people running that country are dumb and lazy, just like me. It’s only fair that us dumb and lazy people have the same right to run things in our country as those smart, hard-working people who are keeping us down. So, we should take over. We have rights, too! We’re just as good as those smart, hard-working people! We’ll show ’em!”

And, they often do.