Who are the most suffering souls in hell?

10437422_10207028871492710_2220361188471264764_n.jpg lost souls


The souls in hell viciously attack each other.  There is no rest.  The stronger souls torment the weak.  Who are the most suffering souls in hell?

While on earth, each human makes free choices.  Those who choose to disobey God do so.  Their souls are stained and shriveled as their sins multiply.   Every sin shrinks and weakens their souls.

Those who did not sin as much have stronger souls.  Their “electrical charge” is less dissapated than those whose souls were corroded by greater sins.  Which souls do they hate the most?  They hate the souls who led them astray!

The souls of those who led others into sin are the weakest of all.  On earth, they were powerful and influential.  In the world beyond, they are automatically the weakest and most helpless.  They are endlessly tormented by the stronger souls that ravage them.

“If it had not been for YOU, I would have been in Heaven!”  They screech in endless rage as they gnaw upon the souls of those who led them to make damning choices that separated them from God.

There is no rest.  We remember the soul of the rich man who ignored the suffering Lazarus.  He could look out from his torments in hell.  He could continually see the joyful souls in Heaven.

The souls in hell are driven to greater rage each time they see the joy from which they were led away.  They torture those who led them from God, love, and truth.

“You were rich!  You were powerful!  You lied to me!  You told me there was no God!  You told me there was no truth!  You told me there was no right!  You told me there was no wrong!  See what you have gotten me!  I hate you!  I hate you!  I hate you!”

Agony is eternally inflicted on those who led other souls astray.  Forever has no end.