We Are Supposed to be Living in a World Controlled by Goats. or ?

This morning, catching up with the news, more releases appeared about the dire threat of “Global Warming”. Some “scientists” were saying that “this would be the second-warmest year in history”. Thankfully, other web sites let us know that there were fraudulent statistics at work. Others reports told us that record amounts of snow were falling in England, Tibet, and the Pacific Northwest.

At the same time, an “important news analyst”, Diane Sawyer, was complaining that she was always being sent to report the “news” in places where nothing was happening. Instead of complaining, she could have been reporting on the endless flood of lies flowing from the state-run media. No matter where any “news” crew is sent, there are always lots and lots of lies.

There are some poor souls who think positively about the “news” media. That’s bad enough, but they endlessly embarrass themselves by saying: “If only they (those in the state-run media) knew the truth, they would report on it.” Such souls are poor, lost beings. They struggle to survive in a world they are too confused, and too cowardly, to confront.

Those who choose to be a part of the vast pyramids of lies, and choose to allow those lies to become a part of their own belief system, have chosen what they want for themselves and their souls.

One may not question the process, but one may ask questions about the process. Does the soul, itself, become corrupted, denying its basic, programmed nature as a child of God? Or, is the soul sent to eternal punishment because the mind and body in which it lived committed themselves to sin? Does the soul from such a person end up crying out for eternity, “It’s not my fault! The mind and body I lived in were the ones who chose to live in sin. I just wasn’t strong enough to stop them!”

It’s very easy for the person whose soul is lost, particularly as that soul approaches departure, to say: “I might have believed in and obeyed God’s teachings, if only someone had cared enough to tell me about them.”

One might reply, “That’s just an excuse for your own failure. What is true is that many, many, many times in your life, you saw a crucifix, with a bleeding Jesus nailed to it. You could have logically and easily followed that back in time to the prophets who predicted that it would happen, and thereby have understood that there was another world that you chose to ignore. You were the one who chose not to use what was right in front of your eyes as the doorway to salvation, though millions or billions of others have.”