How to tell good missionaries from bad.

For the past twenty centuries, holy men and women in The Only Church Jesus Founded have been chosen to spend their lives telling people about Jesus and His Church and the eternal joy in Heaven for those who believe and obey.

Other groups want people to believe in, and support, them. They tend to dislike, diminish, and demean The Church Jesus Founded. How to tell good missionaries from bad. It’s the most important thing a person searching for life and truth can do.

There are basic steps to follow in discerning the truly Christian from those in the various schisms:

1. For thousands of years, holy men were told that a Messiah would come and save them. Several hundred very specific prophecies were carefully written down that refer to Him, His family, where He would be born, and things He would do and things that would be done to Him.
2. When He arrived, fulfilling every prophecy, He established One Church. He said to the man He appointed leader of His apostles, “Thou art Peter and on this rock I build My Church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.” He gave priests who would be ordained in a living link with Peter and the other Apostles the power to forgive sins. On top of that, He gave them “the Keys to Heaven.” All that is found in the brief passages of Mt. 16: 18-20.
3. Since He began His Church, a holy handful of those chosen to be in The Only Church He Founded have been led to become priests, brothers, and sisters in His Church.
4. Some of them become missionaries and go to places where The Church is hated by those whose jobs and incomes are threatened by the only Church Jesus Founded.
5. Some who allow themselves to be separated from The Church develop dislike, even hatred, for The Church. Such people do not take lifetime vows of celibacy, obedience, and poverty.

The question is as clear as the answer: Can any missionary who demeans, belittles, insults, or injures The Only Church Jesus Founded be doing good for anyone, including themselves?