The Above Post:

Catholic Fundamentalism has never published a post so long, but it’s such a beautifully well-written encapsulation of the problems with the lost that there was no choice. Frequent mentions have been made in these pages of The Global Freezing/Warming Frauds. We see that many of the same people embraced both frauds, conveniently forgetting their prior allegiance.

Their flip-flop in those frauds does show one consistency: they will follow the funding.

The “Ancient Creation Fraud” is an even older, more widely-disseminated scam. Like every position held by the other side, it distances people from God. By postulating that the earth is vastly more than 12,000 years old, God’s power is diminished. As the view of His power is weakened, sin is less likely to be accompanied by fear of His punishment. Therefore, as belief in a powerful God is diminished, the other side makes progress in devouring souls.

Like the Kolbe Center, does not go with the flow. It’s better for us to re-examine our view of God in light of our own current abilities. When we do so, we may look at a typical computer-generated movie, like those produced by Pixar. They are programmed in two dimensions so well as to appear as three-dimensional reality.

When we consider that, we want to ask: “If men can program a movie that looks real, is it possible for God to write and download a Creation Program that is real?” Then, we may want to consider: “If God went to all the trouble of writing and downloading The Creation Program so that we could know the eternal joy of being with Him, didn’t He have to have it appear in such a way that we, human programs with free will, would not be intellectually forced to believe in Him?”

After all, if we could only be saved by intellectually analyzing the earth to find God, then those with lesser intellectual abilities would find it harder, or impossible to be saved. If He wrote and downloaded The Creation Program so that only the smarter people could be saved, it wouldn’t be fair to the human programs who weren’t programmed to do the same, deep thinking.

Instead, He wrote and downloaded The Creation Program, along with every single human program to appear within it, so that those who believed in and obeyed Him would be able to have their souls joined eternally with Him in Heaven (Programming HQ). His only requirements? Belief and obedience in sufficient measure to show that we’ve put him ahead of our precious vanity.

Every “scientific” finding that causes souls separate themselves from God comes from the myriad of viruses that live to corrupt us human programs. They start by spreading disbelief, continue with sin, and end with inflicting eternal pain on those who succumb. They have little trouble obtaining funding from Babylon’s successors, none of whom look at its ruins and consider that to be symbolic of their own souls’ fate.

The disbeliever might say. “How did He get millions of galaxies, with billions of stars and planets circling around in the universe?”

“It’s easy for Him.”, we reply. “On our own computers, there are keys that can be pushed to ‘copy’ and ‘paste’. When one of His Programming Assistants (called “angels”, in the Iron Ages) comes up with a Galaxy Program that He likes, He just pushes the necessary ‘copy’ and ‘paste’ keys. Then, those galaxies are downloaded with the speed of the lightning program. Small variations are included in each download so that the Cause of their being is not easily apparant to the senses. ”

“I can’t believe God is that powerful.”, the lost souls tend to reply.

“That’s because your vanity won’t let you. Better pray about it.”