The Catholic Church follows the example of Jesus. She suffers in silence.

It is not hard to understand what drives the publicity attacking The Catholic Church. We are endlessly barraged with “news” stories about the usual scandals.

This graph puts things in perspective:

It’s amazing! We see how much publicity a very few scandals generate! We could reverse the graph! A mountain becomes a molehill. A molehill becomes a mountain!

There are hardly any national mentions of the larger scandal. There are endless examples of the smaller! It is a textbook example of the connection between “news” and well-connected special interests.


Who would have financial motivations for encouraging dislike for the Catholic Church? Each student in a private or parochial school keeps public schools from receiving about $15,000.00 per student in reimbursement from taxpayers.

There are 400,000 fewer students in Catholic schools than there were ten years ago. So, we multiply 400,000 students by $15,000.00.

400,000 x 15,000 = $6,000,000,000.00. That’s six billion dollars! Every year!


The financial motivation for attacks on The Catholic Church’s Schools is more staggering than that! Many students are forced to start out in Public Schools because their Catholic schools have been closed. They will be there for 12 years!

So, the total return for attacks on The Catholic Church and Her schools is 12 years x $6,000,000,000.00 dollars = $72,000,000,000.00! That’s seventy two billion dollars!

No wonder we endlessly hear about 201 annual allegations of child abuse against Catholic clergy! No wonder we hear no national “news” about the 28,000 annual allegations against public school employees!

Oddly, we hear no outcry from the largely Protestant population. Their taxes were increased to pay seventy two billion dollars for the increased costs of public education.


The Catholic Church never complains. The Catholic Church follows the example set by Jesus. Jesus did not complain when He was attacked viciously by the well-controlled media of the time.

The Jerusalem Rent-a-Mob cried out “Crucify Him!” They clamored to “Release Barabbas!” Jesus did not answer them with the simple truth: “Barabbas is a proven criminal. I am being punished for telling the truth.” Jesus stood in silence before the ranting, raving Rent-A-Mob.

The Catholic Church follows the example set by Her Founder. She does not complain, even while modern Rent-A-Mobs cry out for Her to be crucified.

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