The Catholic recipe for good government

Fifty years after The French Revolution, DeToqueville studied what caused it. He concluded that an obsessive desire for government jobs and funding had filled France with rage.

Those without government jobs hated those who had them. Those with government jobs ruthlessly taxed those who didn’t. Those with government jobs and funding got relentlessly richer. Others grew poorer and more resentful.

That anger coalesced into Revolution. Their new, “revolutionary” government merely changed the flows of funds to themselves. Those on the outside were enraged because they didn’t get the government funding they “deserved”.

As always, the angriest people seized power. Robespierre and his allies slaughtered everyone they could in The Reign of Terror. The Revolution devoured its own revolutionaries.

The same raging conflict swirls in every nation. Those with government funding continually gain. Others lose. Governments silence critics by stuffing them with money. What always happens? Government run out of money.

Currency is devalued. Gold coins become silver. Silver becomes copper. Copper becomes paper. Anger becomes rage.

In Catholic nations, many are in monasteries and convents. Holy men and women spend their time in prayerful adoration. They love God. They love their neighbors. So do those in Catholic families.

They are a key ingredient of The Catholic Recipe for Good Government. Holy men and women are as “yeast”. When making bread, one teaspoon of yeast is enough to turn four cups (192 teaspoons) of flour into bread.

When a small percentage of people are “yeast”, the rest of us become more than merely run-of-the-mill “flour”. We become the human equivalents of the many joys that fill bakeries.

The world is a happier place. The devil hates that. He knows: “If I can get rid of The Only Church Jesus Founded, I can get more people to hate and kill each other.”

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