The Great “Holy Vanity” of Catholics? “Jesus loves ME.”

Catholics know! “Jesus loves me so much that He has chosen me to get the only ‘keys to The Kingdom of Heaven’ that He died to leave on earth!”


Question 1: “Why are Catholics the only people who can most meaningfully say: ‘Jesus loves ME!’?”

Answer: “Catholics are the only people on earth who are chosen to live by This Word FROM Jesus:

‘And I say unto you, thou art Peter and on this rock I build My Church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. I give you the keys to The Kingdom of Heaven.’

Question 2: “Why doesn’t every Christian live by That Word of Christ, be in His Church, and have His ‘keys to The Kingdom of Heaven’?”

Answer: “Willful Protestants do not understand that Every Word of Jesus Christ is a Truth that should guide our thoughts, words, and deeds.”


Question 3: “Why don’t Willful Protestants understand that?”

Answer: “Many are simply confused. The agencies of evil tell them: ‘I know more than Jesus about getting into Heaven!’ If you give me money, I will tell you that you are too smart to have to listen to Jesus. I will set you free!’


Question 4: “Why do people listen to The Profiteers of Protestantism?”

Answer: “Many people will pay to be praised! That’s human vanity. Only Catholics are able to escape the love of being praised by The Profiteers of Protestantism.”


Question 4: “How do Catholics know that Jesus approves of them?”

Answer: “Jesus was very clear about That! He divides all humanity into two groups in John 15:14. Catholics are in This Group: ‘You are My friends if you obey My commands.’


Question 5: “Which group are Willful Protestants in?”

Answer: “If they are able to Think Clearly, they realize they may be in the opposite group! ‘You are My enemies if you disobey My commands.’


Question 6: “What will a Willful Protestant do if Jesus blesses them to Think Clearly about the named and unnamed groups?”

Answer: “Repent! ‘Please, Jesus, forgive me for letting my disgusting vanity put my love of my pitiful self before You. Please, let me be among your ‘obedient friends’ before my immortal soul goes to Your Judgment.’


The “Holy Vanity” of Catholics lets us be forever among His ‘obedient friends’ because we are blessed to put our souls ‘before’ worldly praise.


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