“The hardest question a Protestant can ask?” #22.

Did Jesus put a limit on who may receive The Sacrament of Absolution?


Question 1:  “Jesus specifically gave His Catholic priests this power in John 20:23:  ‘Those whose sins you forgive on earth are forgiven in Heaven.’    Can a Catholic priest forgive a Protestant minister who encouraged someone to end an unborn baby’s life?”

Answer:  “That is the hardest question a Protestant can ask!    Canon Law #844.4 tells us that a Catholic priest can forgive a Protestant minister:

‘If the danger of death is present or other grave necessity, in the judgment of the diocesan bishop or the national conference of bishops, Catholic ministers may licitly administer sacraments to other Christians who do not have full communion with the Catholic Church, who cannot approach a minister of their own community, and on their own ask for it, provided they manifest Catholic faith in these sacraments and are properly disposed.’


Question 2:  “Do some Protestant ministers take advantage of The Power Jesus gave His Catholic priests?”

Answer:  “We hope so!  There is a ‘grave necessity’ for each of us to get our immortal souls into Heaven.”


Question 2:  “Can everyone can keep their immortal soul from being a Victim of Protestantism?”

Answer:  “Yes.”