The Scourge of God is Coming Soon to a Neighborhood Near You.

This  poor woman had the misfortune to live in Sweden, the most modern and enlightened of nations.  There, women were given favored treatment to get jobs traditionally held by men.  Men were reduced to drinking, taking drugs,  and sports.  Both men and women were encouraged to remove their sexual inhibitions.  Men are no longer “protectors of the family”.  The state has taken over that job.  The picture shows how badly the state has failed to protect its most defenseless people from organized attacks, in this case, a seven hour long gang rape by 20 young Moslem men interested in things other than “integrating into society”.


Some centuries ago, the Roman Catholic Church in Sweden was replaced by a state-supported Lutheran denomination.   The whole country is a bunch of long-lapsed Catholics.

Abortion is easily available in Sweden.  That, and birth control pills, have reduced the population.  Sweden is the perfect example of what happens to a modern state that intentionally ignores God and His commandments.  This picture looks like what the scourge of God looks like when it falls on those who turn from His protection.  The scourge of God is coming soon to a neighborhood near you.

This woman has the misfortune to live in a nation that sunk so far into sin that  God is punishing it with His scourge.   Every time we hear of something similar, we must each remember that the scourge of God is coming soon to a neighborhood near you.

This is what it looks like.  We can tell it’s coming when our officials give preferential treatment (as a result of bribes) to those whom God is using to punish we who have turned from Him.  A faithful remnant may be saved.