There are seven rooms down the hall from our “I Am So Wonderful!” Room.

Catholics see what The Architect of Architects has done!  There are seven rooms down the hall from our “I Am So Wonderful!” Room.

Who lives in those seven rooms inside our brain?  Seven deadly demons!  They are as small as the dimmest star we can see!  Their job?

They lead every soul to disobey Teachings of Jesus Christ.   The demons have names!


Room 1.  Pride!  That demon says, “Do what you want!”

Room 2.  Envy!  “It is wrong that anyone has more than you!”

Room 3.  Greed!  “You deserve more!”

Room 4.  Gluttony!  “You deserve much, much more!”

Room 5.  Anger!  “You must hate anyone who has more than you do!”

Room 6.  Lust!  “Your highest duty is to gratify your desires!”

Room 7.  Sloth!  “Relax!  Stay here and be happy!”


How do we save our souls from the Seven Deadly Sins?   Jesus Christ Fulfilled Prophecies written about Him.  Hundreds and thousands of years before He was born, God had His Prophets tell us that The Messiah was coming to earth!

Jesus Christ was born of The Prophesied Tribe and House.  Jesus Christ was born in The Prophesied Village.

“No bone of His was broken.”  He was “lifted up before men”.  Those who crucified Him “Looked upon He Whom they pierced.”


Every demon in those seven rooms in our brain hates us to think about Jesus Christ.  Why?  Jesus Christ has the power to drive demons out of our brain!

That’s why they say:

“Stay away from Jesus Christ!  I like living in your brain!  If you ask Jesus Christ to evict me, I have to burn in hell!  I want to stay in your brain!  Stay away from Jesus Christ!”


What do our demons hate most of all?   They scream in unison!

“Do not obey The Clear Call to Catholic Communion that Jesus Christ repeated fourteen times!”

What is that most-hated Teaching of Jesus Christ?

“If you do not eat My Body and drink My Blood you do not have life in you.”


As you read that line, listen closely to what some demon is telling you:  “Ignore that!”

What more proof does anyone need?

May we all be blessed!  May we never decide to disobey Any Teaching of Jesus Christ.

Only obedience to Every Teaching of Jesus Christ lets us be forever among:  “You are My friends if you obey My commands.”

.   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .

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