Things are simple. God programs particles.

Catholic Fundamentalists know what particles are. They are the building blocks He lovingly programmed to download The Creation Program. Scientists used to study and teach about Creation. In the past half-century such intellectual endeavors have erased by government funding. Babylonians have removed The Creator from Creation. Even the word, “Creator”, is now being omitted from Creation.

Things are simple. God programs in particles. The Loving Programmer has many Particle Programs. Their propulsive force are the various Energy Programs. Particle and Energy Programs were compiled into the vast Creation Program. That’s where we live.

Who and what are we? We are His beloved free-will programs. We are each forced to choose to see The Creation Program as God-programmed, or as self-occurring. If we choose belief, then we choose to obey, or not. If we choose not to obey, the soul, the essence of our individual program, will not live in joy forever.

Those who are saved are blessed with enough vision to understand some of The Loving Programmer’s Power. He had His Son predicted by the prophets and come into being. That, really, is the only thing we need to know, and, maybe, the only thing we can know. It is there so that each is free to see the bloody man hanging on a cross. Some will choose to begin the ascent to The Only Church He Founded.

If we are blessed, we move into the Kingdom. There, vision better than 20/20 allows us to see things invisible to our neighbors.

We understand that particles were programmed, organized, and set in motion simply to produce a stage, on which we can strut around and make decisions. Things are simple. God programs particles.

Some look beyond the stage, and see The Invisible Producer. Others are blinded by the starring nature of their role and see little farther than the end of their noses.

Part of The Creation Program’s brilliance is the uncertainty He programmed into it. The more we know about a particle’s position, the less we know about its nature. The more we know about its nature, the less we know about its position.

We are drawn to God because He loves each of us enough to do the immense work of providing nothing but the certitude of uncertainty to let those of us who find Him have the joy of finding He Who is Certain.

We can begin, and sustain, our pilgrimage by thinking of particles as tiny bits and bytes. Each is programmed by the Divine Programmer in at least three dimensions and compiled into its proper position in the systems out of which The Creation Program is comprised. “Angels” are how His quadrillions of Programming Assistants were described in the Iron Ages.

While we have time, we should strive to understand, become Catholic, and obey, helped by realizing: Things are simple. God programs in particles.