Two reasons to be Catholic.

Two Reasons to be Catholic:

The First Reason to be Catholic:  In the past 40 years, half a billion unborn children have been aborted.  Christian denominations that support abortion have been used to cancel out the Catholic Pro-Life efforts.  If all Pro-Life Christians were Catholic, there would be no abortion.

Most Pro-Life Protestants understand and agree with that.  Unfortunately, that agreement is not often followed by becoming Catholic.  By subsidizing their own denomications, which have sizable Pro-Abortion factions in them, they justify other schisms.  The simple truth:  All who are Pro-Life should be Catholic.  Nothing should stand in the way of saving unborn children.  This consideration is encouraged by asking, “How will a person’s refusal to be Catholic be treated at Judgment?”

The Second Reason to be Catholic:  To be Catholic is to be more fully obedient to Jesus Christ.   If we are truly obedient, we recognize that “Thou art Peter, and on this rock, I build My Church.” is a clear, direct, unambiguous sentence.  We cannot read it in the same clear, direct, unambiguous manner without realizing that Jesus Christ began One Church and that He did so because He wanted us to be in it.

That realization is validated by Him saying:  “If you do not eat My Body and drink My Blood, you do not have life in you.”  The only Church on earth that provides His Body and Blood under direct, Petrine Authority is The Roman Catholic Church.  That’s The Church He built on Peter, the first Pope.

We may imagine the souls of the lost children being present at our Judgment.  That will remind us:  Pro-Life Christians who do not become believing, obedient Catholics to stop abortion will have themselves to blame at Judgment.