Understanding History: God arranges atoms to form DNA.

Catholics think small.   We know that God arranges the atoms that form human DNA.  Those atoms “make” us.  We “make” History.

In History, an individual begins a Family.  Some Families begin Tribes.  Some Tribes take over Nations.  Nations rise.  Then, they fall.

There is a connection with that, God, and DNA.  Serug was born about 4,500 years ago.  He was the father of Nahor.  Nahor’s son was Terah.  He had 3 sons: Abraham, Nahor and Haran.


Beginning 4,500 years ago, many Families were becoming Tribes.  Some Tribes became Nations.  Dorians, Hittites, Assyrians, Elamites, Babylonians, and many others appeared.

Some of Abraham’s ancestors and descendants were unusually intelligent.  They founded families, Tribes, and Nations.  We learn a lot of History by focusing on a small part of what was going on all over the world.


There is a Fortress on top of a hill in Spain.  It is called La Bastida.

About 4,500 years ago, one small Tribe built that stone fortress in Spain.  La Bastida included the oldest stone arch ever built.  Obviously, its builders were very intelligent.  They had weapons of bronze.  They had horses to let them focus forces quickly.


DNA from those who died there has been analyzed.  Before the builders of La Bastida got there, there were many men with different DNA.  Only the conquerors’ Y chromosomes were found in any bodies that were buried later.

Local men had been enslaved to build the fortress.  Then, they were exterminated.  Their DNA disappears from History.

The Tribe that built La Bastida took over a growing area of Southeastern Spain.  It became a Nation.


That happened all over the world.  La Bastida is an example of History that is History!


Catholics think small.  We realize that the DNA that gave every conqueror the ability to outsmart his opponents was provided by the trillions of electrons and atoms in the DNA molecules.  They make each of us what we can be.

Catholics know that God’s angels move electrons around as easily as we shuffle and deal a deck of cards.

That knowledge leads us to obey He Who Fulfilled The Prophecies!  Every electron in His DNA was perfectly made and positioned.  We heed His Word!   He Who Conquered Time and Space by Fulfilling The Prophecies Spoke One Church Into Being!

“And I say unto you thou art Peter and on this rock I build My Church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. I give you the keys to The Kingdom of Heaven.”

“the keys to The Kingdom of Heaven” are available to all who obey!

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