Catholics know: DNA + History = God and Abraham!

Catholics continue to be amazed by Abraham!   DNA research has shown us that all the Peoples have DNA that comes from a very few men and women.

One in 200 men are descended from Genghis Khan.  Many in the British Isles are descended from the original O’Neill.


Billions of people have been born to families whose Tribes took over Asia and Europe.  They may have all come from The Family of Abraham.

Tribes of Goths moved in from the steppes.  They took over much of Europe.  Catholics consider that they were descended from Abraham.

Denmark was “marked” by sons of Dan.  Saxons, Friesians, Lombards, and other Gothic “spin-offs” took Germany.  Normans came from Tribes that grew out of lands they seized in Norway.

~Catholics consider an example that preceded them!~

One small Tribe built the impregnable Spanish Fortress of La Bastida 4,500 years ago.  They passed on DNA from their founder.   They replaced all the earlier men’s Y chromosomes in Southwestern Spain.


Founders of Hittites and Assyrians and every dynasty did the same thing!  Dorian, Celtic, Gothic, Lombard, Saxon, Frankish, Norman, and dozens of other Peoples followed their example.


Most peoples in Europe and Asia carry DNA from a very few men and women.

Founders of ancient peoples took on a “god-like” status.  Names like “Woden” and “Zeus” represent many men turned into gods by grateful descendants.

Lombards “fooled” their deified Founder by having women pretend to be bearded soldiers.  They were among the first to become Catholic.  They knew they could not fool the real God!

History was determined by God and the DNA He gave to very few men and women.


Catholics know: DNA + History = God and Abraham!

Catholics realize!   Abraham’s ancestors and descendants are the men and women who founded the families that became the Tribes and Peoples of much of the world.


We remember successful “law-givers” like Hammurabi, Moses, Solon, and Lycurgus.

Catholics realize that such geniuses may all be related to some of the ancestors and descendants of Abraham, the “wandering Aramean” from Chaldea.

~The Cosmic Card Game!~

God had dealt His people the “winning hand”.   It was not based on DNA as much as on obeying Him!

Abraham had proven His obedience to  God with what he was ready to do to Isaac.

That, and not merely DNA, is what lets Abraham’s spiritual descendants prosper by giving life.

~Who still holds the winning hand?~

Those who are genetically and spiritually descended from Abraham obey He Who Fulfilled The Prophecies provided to all of Abraham’s Descendants by the Sacrifice of God’s Son!

“And I say unto you thou art Peter and on this rock I build My Church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. I give you the keys to The Kingdom of Heaven.”

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