The urge to kill began in The Garden of Eden.

Abortion kills the unborn.  Euthanasia kills the old.  From conception to natural death, life is attacked.  Each person chooses to prefer life or death.  The urge to kill began in The Garden of Eden.

The devil tempted Eve and Adam to disobey God.  Pride led them to disobey.  Their son, Cain, killed Abel.  The lesson is clear:  Pride leads first to disobedience.  Then, pride leads to murder.

Why did Cain kill Abel?  Abel could accomplish more.  Abel could raise cattle.  Cain was too dumb or lazy to do so.  “I hate Abel because he is doing better than I.  He must not be allowed to do that!   I will kill him.”

He Who Fulfilled The Prophecies made Cain’s motive clear.  In His teaching, “Thou shall not kill.” became  “Love your neighbor as yourself.”    Jesus lets us understand:  those who want to hurt their neighbors hate themselves.

Pride drove Eve and Adam to think they were as good as God.  Then, Pride drove Cain to kill his brother.

Seven kinds of demons afflict us.  The fallen angel of Pride is accompanied  by allies.  Pride, Envy, Greed, Gluttony, Anger, Lust, and Sloth.  Each of the Seven Tribes of Demons (we think of “PEGGALS” to remind us) lead people to hate themselves and their neighbors.  Those possessed believe that they must “Kill so I may gain!”

The Only Church Jesus Founded gives the good a goal:  “Life must be protected from conception to natural death.” 

Almost alone among Christian groups, The Catholic Church clearly condemns abortion-inducing birth control.   Many are against the more obvious types of abortion, but turn a blind eye to those tinier babies against whom a deadly chemical warfare is being waged.

Uncounted billions of babies, no bigger than a grain of salt, have been, and are being, killed.

The truest love of God and neighbor leads lovers of life to The Only Church Jesus Founded.