Using Pascal’s Wager to Evangelize.

Pascal’s Wager is “If the lottery prize is large enough, we it is foolish not to buy at least one ticket.” That truth is put into widespread practice by the increase in lottery ticket purchases as the prizes increase in value.

So, we may want to ask a non-believer the question: “What reward could be greater than having your immortal soul having eternal joy in Heaven?”

Many do not believe in immortal souls or in Heaven. It’s necessary let them understand there are three basic bets.
1. What are the odds that there is a God?”
2. What are the chances that He has made the world?
3. What are the chances that He did so simply to provide us humans with free will, separating the immortal souls of those choose to believe and obey from those who do not.

Catholic Fundamentalism suggests that we consider looking at God as The Loving Programmer. He wrote and downloaded The Creation Program. He did so in such a way that we humans, His Free-Will Programs, would be able to choose to believe and obey or not.

We believe that He intentionally downloaded The Creation Program so that some people could say: “All that we can see has occurred by accident.”

Or, a person could freely decide: “I believe that God, The Loving Programmer, wrote and downloaded The Creation Program so that we, who choose to believe in and obey His teachings, may spend an eternity in joyful bliss with Him.”

Believers understand. He programs so brilliantly that those who choose to sin can justify doing so by seeing a world and all within it that they may choose to think was an accident or natural evolution”

As pitchmen say at the carnival game, “You pays your money and you takes your choice.”

We want to alert