There are vast differences in pay scales between

There are vast differences in pay scales between those who tell lies and those who believe them. Al Gore, for instance, appears to have made one or two, depending on who’s counting, hundred million dollars from various aspects of the Global Warming Lies. The credulous nincompoops who’ve been reliably taking in and re-broadcasting those lies are comparative paupers.

This shows what a good bargainer the apostate angel is. Al Gore, who holds out for a lot of money, gets hundreds of millions of dollars. The poor, pitiful boobs who merely absorb and pass on lies end up losing a few hundred dollars every month of their lives to pay higher energy costs. So, by buying one person, and a few media supporters to provide him with something that the simpler folks think is “credibility”, the personification of evil is able to wrap several hundred million souls in confusing, impoverishing lies, convincing his followers to make themselves poorer in the process.

Those very same people, usually the least intelligent 20% of the electorate, even as Mr. Gore makes huge sums that come out of their own pockets, will be quick to complain about the “unfairness of executives making a hundred times more than workers”. Their minds are too dimmed to even notice the selectivity of their complaints.

If the salary disparity about which they love to complain is pointed out by comparing Mr. Gore’s newfound fortune to their own economic status, there is a momentary confusion, but no improvement in analytical ability, and no diminution of the respect they have for Mr. Gore. They will simply ignore any disagreeable truth about whatever’s being said and continue their march to perdition.

At the same time, we who seek truth are often paralyzed by thinking that our spiritual and mental abilities are better at discerning worldly reality than they often are. In our innocence, we tend to believe: “All people seek truth. If I can point out to them some factual error or inconsistency, they will be glad to move away from inaccuracy and inconsistency toward truth.”

Many of us simply do not understand that most of those who have embraced lies do not want to move toward truth. They prefer their lies, even when, as in the case of Mr. Gore’s insane desire for more energy taxes providing him with a vast personal fortune while it leaves them with less money than ever. The lies they cherish cost them far more than they’ll ever let themselves understand.

Only loving them may encourage them to think more highly of obeying the God Who programmed them with the ability to draw closer to truth. They are not used to being loved, if only because they have some awareness of how full of hate they are.

They are even less accustomed to including within their thought patterns the idea that God loves them more than anyone else ever will. One goal is to let them realize that.