Warning! The Psalms tell that every Catholic will be “attacked”. #26

Mary said “Yes.” to God.  May we all.


Question 1:  “Why must every Catholic on earth suffer from ‘attacks’?”

Answer:  “Today’s Reading from Psalm 56:2-3 tells us:  ‘Have mercy on me, O God, for men trample upon me;  all the day they press their attack against me.  My adversaries trample upon me all the day;  yes, many fight against me.’


Question 2:  “How do Catholics respond to the ‘attacks’ against our life and soul?”

Answer:  “We see television, newspapers, books, movies, and web pages.  Nearly all of them are made to ‘attack’ Catholic Teachings that we strive to obey.”


Question 3:  “What words does The Bible say we should follow when we are being ‘attacked’?

Answer:  “Catholics know that Jesus loves us!  We make Today’s Response to the Daily Psalm:  ‘In God I trust;  I shall not fear.’


Question 4:  “What gives Catholics the courage to keep ‘fear’ from ‘trusting God’?”

Answer:  “Today’s Reading includes 2 Timothy 1:10!  ‘Our Savior Jesus Christ has destroyed death and brought life to light through The Gospel.’   His ‘light’ lets us see how to overcome ‘fear’ from those who ‘attack’ us.”


Question 5:  “Where does ‘The Gospel’ let us see that Jesus has ‘brought life to light’?”

Answer:  “In the second half of John, 6, Jesus tells us that He has ‘brought life to light’ with The Call to Catholic Communion He repeated 12 times:  ‘If you do not eat My Body and drink My Blood you do not have life in you.’  Jesus repeated that two more times at The Last Supper.


Question 6:  “Why are Catholics blessed with ‘the light’ to see that that Jesus has ‘brought light to life’ by providing His Actual Body and Blood in Catholic Communion?”

Answer: “The names of every Catholic are written in The Book of Life we ‘see’ in Revelation 19:15.  ‘And anyone whose name could not be written in The Book of Life was thrown into the burning lake.’

Catholics withstand the ‘attacks’ that keep our ‘names’ from ‘The Book of Life’.”


Question 7:  “Does The Book of Revelation tell us that those with the ‘light of life’ will see God?”

Answer:  “Revelation 22:5 explains the eternal reward of being Catholic!  ‘It will never be night again and they will not need lamplight or sunlight because The Lord God will be shining on them and they will reign forever and ever.’


Catholics ask God to let us pray and work to have our names kept in God’s “Book of Life”.  God’s “Light” lets us “see” that we must keep evil “attacks” from leading us to disobey Any Word of God.


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