We are being destroyed by Protestantism.

Now, after five centuries of unrestrained Protestantism, what remains?  The Lutherans and Episcopalians have splintered and resplintered.  It has reached the lunacy of now having 38,000 identifiable Protestant denominations.  The results are clear.

In America, alone, there are 3,500 abortions every day.  That does not count the tiniest humans, killed by birth control chemicals and devices that keep babies from being born.  God is angry.  We see the Moslems ascendant.  His scourge is falling.

Do the Protestants care?  Enough to seek purification?  Obedience?  Repentance?

No.  They have descended to this point:  Not one Protestant denomination demands that their moral leaders, their Christian clergy, stop using birth control chemicals and devices that destroy their own children.

The thousands of Protestant denominations make it impossible to stop the killing.  As long as Pro-Life people are split between competing Protestants, and led by those who will not renounce the practices that destroy their own children, there is no way to stop abortion.

No wonder the Moslem scourge is falling upon us all.

How can it be stopped?  Enough of us must leave the schismatic depravity that allows Christian clergy to participate in the sacrifice of their tiniest children and return to The Church.  Can we do so?  Can we leave what the Protestant movement has become?  Can we stop making excuses for that depravity?  Can we return to The Catholic Church?

If enough of us become good Catholics, God will stay His scourge.

How many have the courage?  Do we let ourselves see that we are being destroyed by Protestantism?  Do we see the collapse and destruction in Europe and not see it coming here?  If we continue to pretend that Protestant denominations that allow their own clergy to kill their own unborn children are, in some perverted way, “Christian”, can we help but be doomed by the wrath of God, in this life and the next?

A house divided cannot stand.  Those who are Pro-Life have no choice.  If we are to be admitted to the Wedding Feast when the bridegroom comes, we cannot have our lamps so emptied of true faith that we are found at Judgment to have been supporting a denomination that calls itself Christian while allowing its own clergy to destroy its own children.

Who has enough time left to avoid being numbered among those who think it’s all right to spill both seed and unborn children on the ground?