Are modern Protestants unable stop their widespread corruption?

In the past few weeks, Catholic Fundamentalism has written about very real contradictions, and what seem to be actual heresies, that have corrupted the Protestant movement.

They are:

1.  The Bible clearly condemns Onanism, spilling your seed on the ground.  Few, if any, of the 38,000 Protestant schisms have the courage to teach that it is a sin to use chemicals and devices to keep children from being conceived.  The Catholic Church still teaches that artificial birth control is a sin.

2. Christian teaching is clearly against abortion.  Most Protestant schisms have opinions on the subject that range from silence to acceptance.  Catholics consistently condemn the killing of unborn children.

3.  It is a fact that many birth control chemicals and devices work by destroying the tiniest of unborn babies, providing nearly invisible abortions.

4.  The Protestant clergy are supposed to set a moral example.  In fact, many use birth control chemicals and devices that cause very early abortions, the destruction of their own, smallest children.

When we put those four things together, we see that a deadly corruption has infected  Protestantism:

There is not one modern Protestant denomination with which Catholic Fundamentalism is familiar that requires that its married clergy not use birth control chemicals and devices.   Worse, murderously worse, there is not one schism that says their clergy must not use birth control chemicals or devices that destroy the smallest, most helpless of human lives.  At the same time, with straight faces, they can stand behind their pulpits and preach “Love your neighbor”.  This is not setting a “moral example”.

The Protestant establishment has reached the point of hypocrisy and corruption that allows even their clergy to kill their own children and make no effort to talk about, let alone, prohibit the practice.  The silence on the subject is, itself, a cowardly lie that keeps them from truth.  Not one Protestant “scholar” or “theologian” is able to resp0nd intelligently.  Not one.

Protestants are, however, united in agreeing that it is impolite to mention such obvious corruption.  Instead, the entire Protestant establishment has morphed into a simple-minded, anti-intellectual, anti God excresence that has an increasingly difficult time justifying that it is useful, let alone sane.

“Can’t we all just get along?”, is the unpleasant, plaintive whine of the new Protestantism.  They are not worried about avoiding an eternity of pain and agony.  They would rather that be the fate of their contributors than have them seek the consistency, safety, sanity, and salvation offered by the Catholic Church.

Modern Protestants have had their minds so filled with theological mush they are unable to comprehend the depths to which their denominations have sunk.  But, those who do understand must realize:  they knowingly continue to support such blatant insults to the Christian faith because of cowardice.  Cowardice may keep them them from saving their souls.

When it comes to such socially difficult truths, the greatest risk of all must be considered: Many are called.  Few are chosen.

Is Catholic Fundamentalism right?  Consider the last line of Revelation 22:15 about those who are not allowed in Heaven:  “These others must stay outside:  dogs, fortune-tellers, and fornicators and murderers, and idolators and everyone of false speech and false life.”  The new Protestants are either four or five out of seven.