We may identify the damned by the power they prefer.

The Palo Verdes nuclear generator, in America’s Southwest, is a very large, efficient producer of electricity.  While most of us pay 6-12 cents for each kilowatt hour of electricity we use, the huge Palo Verdes plant produces electricity for about two cents/kwh.

If we are blessed with the intellectual ability to do so, this question may come to mind:  “Why don’t we build more large, nuclear generating plants so that all our power bills can be reduced by more than half?”

The obvious answer:  Governments do not want people to have cheaper electricity.  Governments want electricity to cost more, not less.

All the lies and exaggerations about the dangers of nuclear powered generating plants, and similarly inexpensive water-powered turbines, are invented and spread by those who  participate, however unknowingly, in an actual plot to make us all pay more for energy.

As soon as something is recognized to be a “plot”, the first thing the plotters do is raise the issue of “paranoia”.   That shuts most people up. 

And it should.  People asked God to replace Kings with democracy.  He allowed them to do so.  Elected officials have deep desires to remain in power.  Staying in office is expensive.  Money needs to be raised.  People will tell lies to get the needed money.

Electricity costs more because the politically correct suppliers of such an important necessity get money from mandating higher cost electricity.  They provide some power at a cost of 2 cents and wind/solar for a cost of over a dollar/kwh.  Then, they force the users to pay the higher amount, generating vast sums by artificial scarcity.

Some are outraged.  We should not be.  Catholic Fundamentalism understands that Democracy has made it possible for very unintelligent people to attain high office.   Catholic Fundamentalism also understands that The Garden is self-weeding.  Democracy has even given an increasing number of those who are verifiably “stupid” an equal opportunity to lie and steal from their neighbors.

Governments profit from artificial scarcities.  Artificial scarcities help governments remain in power.

For those who realize that bills for electricity would be half of what they are if Governments were honest, a higher level of automated garden-weeding sets in:  If we hate our neighbors for lying and stealing from us, we are disobeying His commands to “Love your neighbor as yourself/do good to them that hurt you.”

We may be thankful for those who choose to lie and steal from us.  They are giving up their immortal souls so that we who fully obey the instructions “Love your neighbor as yourself/do good to them that hurt you.” may spend eternity in the greater eternal joy provided for those who more fully obey.