We must not hide from an awful truth

We must not hide from an awful truth.  Many of us have killed our own children.  Billions of unborn babies are killed by abortion and abortion-inducing birth control chemicals and implants.

We want to believe “I am a good person.”  When we think about the children kept from life by our desire to avoid being inconvenienced,  we ask in anguish:  “What have I done?  What have we done?”

We are desperate for distractions.

We do not want to think about what we have done to our own children.

We do not want to think of the generations of descendants we will never have.

Catholics are blessed.  We may find forgiveness for our sins from the only people on earth to whom God promised:  “Those whose sins you forgive on earth are forgiven in Heaven.”

Those ordained in living link with The First Catholic Bishops whom Jesus empowered may provide Absolution.

Catholics do not hide from our sins.  We confess them.  We may be forgiven.

“Father, forgive me for I have sinned.  I have used chemicals and devices that have killed my own children.  Some were as small as I once was, no bigger than a grain of salt.  I did not want to know what I was doing.  Their blood is on my hands.  I let myself be led astray.”

If we willfully deny our sin, we cannot confess.  If we cannot confess, we cannot be forgiven.

Many go to Confession, admitting “I have lied.  I have cheated.  I have stolen.”  We must not fear to face, and confess, far greater sins.  We must not hide from an awful truth.

We must ask for the honesty to ask God to forgive us.  We must ask Him to bless the precious souls of those whose lives we took from them.  We must ask Him to save us from the confusion that leads many to avoid the clear, written Catholic Teaching:

“Life must be protected from conception until natural death.”