What is the most complicated thing on earth?

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What is the most complicated thing on earth? Nothing compares to the complexity of the human brain. Trillons of neural connections connect memories of the past with the present.

Each of our six or seven billion brains gives us the intellectual ability to consider electrons, galaxies, our selves, and our neighbors. For those blessed to be Catholic, every fact that every person has ever known has always been able to fit within The Faith Handed Down From The Apostles.

Many avoid that understanding, despite its logical, mathematical base. The odds are trillions to one that He Who Fulfilled The Prophecies was NOT the Messiah. Over three hundred predictions about His Coming include His time, town, Tribe and House. His miracles were predicted. So was the manner of His death; bones exposed but unbroken, pierced, lifted up before men, wagering for His clothing, His Resurrection, and Ascension were all predicted.

Everyone is blessed with the intellectual ability to learn of the Prophet’s Predictions and see how perfectly Jesus fulfilled them.

Why would anyone want to disagree when He Who Fulfilled The Prophecies said “I come to divide.”?

Every person needs Pride to live. “I can reach my goals.” Healthy Pride is channeled into “I want my soul to live in joy, forever.” Healthy Pride leads us to realize: “Jesus said eighteen times, “If you do not eat My Body and drink My Blood you do not have life in you.” eighteen times, more than any other instruction.

Healthy Pride concludes: “The only way to obey is to receive His Actual Body and Blood. It has been provided by The Only Church He Founded at every Catholic Mass following The Last Supper.

Unhealthy Pride reaches another conclusion. “I can get into Heaven my own way.”

The miracle of our mind, those trillions of neural connections, end up working for less than naught, our great gift squandered.