Protestantism’s War on Intelligence

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Protestantism’s War on Intelligence began when Adam and Eve decided to disobey the infinitely more Brilliant Being Who created them. Protestantism’s War on Intelligence continued when jealous, less clever Cain murdered his brighter brother.

The Old Testament is a record of Protestantism’s War on Intelligence. Those faithfully obedient to God’s Superior Intelligence were reviled, and often killed,
by those who thought they were smarter than God.

The New Testament began when God’s Loving Intelligence took human form and came among us. The best and brightest understood: “Our ancestors gave their lives to record and preserve the writings of The Prophets.” Those intelligent enough to understand the trillions to one odds that He Who Fulfilled the Prophecies was The Promised Messiah followed Him.

By the Miracle of Jesus, Protestantism’s War on Intelligence was temporarily thwarted. During “The Thousand Year Reign” of The Catholic Church over Western Christendom, Protestantism’s War on Intelligence was stopped. In that time, European slaves were freed. Great Catholic universities built to provide art, science, mathematics, medicine, literacy, and literature. Intelligence and obedience were one.

Cains of every age hate obedience to He Who Fulfilled the Prophecies. They are the “dim bulbs” on the marquee. Like Fredo in The Godfather, they spend their lives crying in envy’s anguish, “I’m smart! I’m smart, too!”
Then, as Revelation predicted, “The dragon was unchained from the abyss.”and “The Thousand Year Reign” ended.

Five hundred years ago, greedy Cains realized: “The foundries and metallurgy that produces Church Bells can crank out cannons! The mathematics that built Cathedrals can compute artillery trajectories! The chemistry that produces dyes can make gunpowder! We will use the knowledge provided by The Church’s universities to enrich ourselves!” “Theologians” were hired to justify the dragon’s disciples.

Protestantism’s War on Intelligence went from Cain killing Able to taking over the world. Souls infected by envy spread from Anglicans who’d replaced Peter’s Successors with the brain-damaged, sex-addicted King of England. They become Capitalists, Communists, and earth worshipers. Cain’s envy has taken form in the envious armies of Protestantism’s War on Intelligence.