What Two Teachings of Jesus do Willful Protestants avoid in Today’s Reading?

Question 1:  “Does Today’s Reading tell us what Willful Protestantism is?”

Answer:  “John 3:11 defines Willful Protestantism!  ‘Amen, amen, I say to you;  we (Jesus, Pope Peter, His First Catholic Bishops, and their followers) speak of what we know and we testify to what we have seen, but you people (Willful Protestants!) do not accept our testimony.'”


Question 2:  “What is The First Teaching that Willful Protestants avoid in Today’s Reading?”

Answer:  They avoid Psalm 93:2.   ‘Your throne stands firm from of old;  You are from everlasting.’  Willful Protestants do not have the perspective to see The God Who Spoke Creation into Being trillions of light years ago is The Same God Who took Human Form to fulfill Prophecies about His coming to earth 2,000 years ago.”


Question 3:  “What is The Second Teaching that Willful Protestants avoid in Today’s Reading?”

Answer:  “They avoid Thinking Clearly about the word ‘may’ in Today’s Reading from John 3:14-15: ‘The Son of Man must be lifted up so that everyone who believes in Him may have eternal life.'”


Question 4:  “Why is the word ‘may’ important?”

Answer:  “Willful Protestants live by this Chosen Vanity:  ‘I believe Jesus must give me ‘eternal life’ in Heaven.’  They avoid seeing that God ‘may not’ let those who willingly and knowingly reject Any Teaching from Him be among ‘You are My friends if you obey My commands.’ (John 15:14)”


Question 5:  “Why do Willful Protestants embrace beliefs that may condemn their souls?”

Answer:  “They seek justification for rejecting The Only Church Jesus Spoke Into Being with His Church-Creating Word:  ‘And I say unto you thou art Peter and on this rock I build My Church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.  I give you the keys to The Kingdom of Heaven.'”


Question 6:  “Why would anyone reject the only ‘keys to The Kingdom of Heaven’ that Jesus died to leave on earth?”

Answer:   “Willful Protestants let themselves be confused by praise from The Profiteers of Protestantism.  They get that praise if they reject the ‘keys to The Kingdom of Heaven’ from the Only Church Jesus Spoke Into Being on earth.”


“May” all be blessed to be Catholic and get those “keys” from The God Who Spoke Creation Into being trillions of light years ago!


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