When We Get Tired of the Lies,

Tired of the Lies

Recently, a Peter Gleick was found to have committed a fraud.  His zeal to promote the huge funding mechanism that the Global Warming Fraud has become went “too far”.  Usually, creative liars are rewarded for supporting ideologies that governments use to impoverish their people.  Not this time.

Peter Gleick not only told lies, he spread them.  Then, he was found out.  From the Catholic Fundamentalism point of view, the real problem is that an immortal soul is probably lost for intentionally bearing false witness.  Society doesn’t care.  The “free” societies allow people to pretty much think and do as they want.

Caught in a Lie

The fact is that Peter Gleick freely chose to lie about, and exaggerate, a totally imaginary problem to ingratiate himself with funders.  He was caught.  Amazingly, he was punished.

At last report, he lost at least some of his jobs because of his intentional lies.  Why?  First, governments are not propping up the Global Warming Lies the way they used to.  Secondly, they are using the misfortunes of Peter Gleick to let supporters know that it’s time to stop lying so blatantly about The Global Warming Fraud.

The reason for this sudden love of truth?  The upcoming election.   After November, they can go back to business as usual.  In the meantime, there are still enough voters worried about at least the appearance of integrity to make it seem as if our government thinks truth is so  important that willful liars must be identified and punished.

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