Which does Babylon prefer?

Babylonians love inefficiency, and will introduce it into every possible area. 

Public education, for instance, has an average annual cost per urban pupil in excess of $15,000.00  Catholic schools provide a better education for one third that price.  Which does Babyon prefer?

Wind generated power is both expensive and unreliable.  Including the cost of maintaining back-up generators to provide power when the wind doesn’t blow fast enough, wind power costs over one dollar for each kilowatt hour.  The cost of electricity from nuclear generators is a little less than two cents/kwh.  Which does Babylon prefer?

Medical needs have been provided by various agencies that cost many times what cash payments to providers would provide.  Now, we are on the verge of seeing medical care become even slower, more expensive, and less effective.  At the same time, more doctors and hospitals are going to all-cash/check/credit card payments.  Their costs are one fourth of the complicated government medical providers.  Which does Babylon prefer?

Light bulbs can be made on automated assembly lines for a few cents.  Or, fragile, expensive lights with vastly over-rated longevity and output can be sold for several dollars apiece.  Which does Babylon prefer?

Simple, harmless chemicals can be provided for air conditioners for less than a dollar per aerosol can.  Or, complicated coolants can be provided by a handful of chemical companies for twenty dollars a can and require licensed installers.  Which does Babylon prefer?

Babies may be seen as disposable expense generators that should be gotten rid of so the expense of raising them can be eliminated.  Or, each child may be considered a precious gift from God who should be protected, loved, and cherished.   Which does Babylon prefer?

City dwellers should live in tiny, one-room apartments to reduce costs.  Or, people should have access to living space free from controls on rent, sales, and construction.  Which does Babylon prefer?

People who work in cities should be forced to take heavily subsidized mass transit to work.  Or, insured drivers should be free to give rides to their neighbors for whatever they choose to pay.  Which does Babylon prefer?

The mail must only be delivered by the Post Office.  Or, anyone who is insured should be able to deliver letters and packages.  Which does Babylon prefer?

People should be encouraged to set up their own religious organizations.  Or, people should be encouraged to become practicing members of The Roman Catholic Church so there is a large group of voters standing up to protect life and religious freedom.  Which does Babylon prefer?