Who are we? More than we think!

11905384_427799720755207_7651436957325132376_n.jpg girl and Jesus

Who are we?  More than we think!  Each of us is a compilation of DNA from our parents.  Who were our parents?  They were both compilations of DNA from their parents.  Each person goes back to the beginning.

Each mother’s ova is smaller than a grain of salt.  The ova she will provide are written in the DNA molecules she carries.

Sperm cells are barely bigger than a single grain of talcum powder.  They are packed with the DNA molecules from our father’s side of our family.

Each tiny person is a precious picture painted with very old pigments.

Each of us is a unique compilation.  Our soul springs into being!  Picture powerful, tiny angels.  These atom-sized “carpenters” put us together when we are conceived.   We begin to grow!

Each little boy and girl has deadly enemies.  The devil and his disciples work to destroy each one.  “Give them pills and implants to kill the precious life!”  Agents of evil command.  “If that does not kill the child, have abortionists destroy it!  Death to all!”

With each lost child, a soul is set free.  Where do they go?

The Bible tells us in Revelation 6:9-10. 

The lost souls were sacrificed on Babylon’s Altar of Convenience.  They were each a living testimony to life.  Their spirits, minds, and bodies “have been

Who are we?  More than we think!  It is best to be Catholic, obedient, and separated from the slaughterers.