Who Hates the Tea Party?

Who hates the Tea Party? Those who are interested in lower taxes, more freedom, and less government have an enemy who’s often overlooked. Their unseen foe is the large group of self-righteous, pompous know-it-alls who fancy themselves to be “better” than others.

This group is composed of bitter, angry, less-successful-than-they-wanted-to-be people. They mask their endless emotional and intellectual failures by embracing the destructive deceptions offered daily by others possessed by the frustration caused by what they feel is too little money and importance.

In their angry world, traditional morality is bad and those who support it are worse. Such believers are uniformly castigated as “unenlightened”, “primitive”, “white trash”, “Christers”, and a host of other names designed to disparage and denigrate those who believe in God, love their neighbors, and work to follow and obey The Programmer’s Operating Instructions.

Those who believe that truth and family are more important than frauds and bigger governments are the natural enemies of those who’ve chosen to base their lives on fraud, deception, and coercion. So, we are endlessly attacked. We are, in the final analysis, a threat to the funding upon which they are utterly dependent. That funding, taken from taxpayers with threats of confiscation and prosecution, is something they need as desperately as addicts need drugs.

Their need to squeeze money from neighbors is so great that they have all sorts of agencies, union goons, and media shills attacking those whose only crime is trying to keep what they have earned. Since the Tea Party, like no group since the Sons of Liberty, has been such a successful threat to their funding, the flow of insults and threats has reached unprecedented levels.

The hatred of the Tea Party will continue to increase as do its successes.