Who is “Catholic Fundamentalism”?

. What’s on his shoulder? The Holy Spirit is telling a Catholic to write good words in his “Book of Life”.


Question 1: “I read Catholic Fundamentalism posts and comments. Who is Catholic Fundamentalism?”

Answer: “You are! Every day, many Catholics respond to Catholic Fundamentalism posts with one word: ‘Amen.’ They are God’s beloved people!”


Question 2: “What do Catholics gain by saying ‘Amen‘ to Catholic Teachings?”

Answer: “Every ‘Amen’ in support of Catholic Teaching is written down in our individual ‘Book of Life’.”


Question 3: “How does that happen?”

Answer: “Every word we speak is recorded in our ‘Book of Life’ in echoes as small as photons.”


Question 4: “Does God read our ‘Book of Life’ before He decides if our soul will go to Heaven or hell at His Judgement Day?”

Answer: “Yes. Catholics are blessed to know! We should never write any word of Willful Disobedience to Any Teaching of Jesus Christ in our ‘Book of Life’!”


Question 5: “How do Catholics write ‘good words’ in their ‘Book of Life’?”

Answer: “Every time Catholics say ‘Amen.’ to a Teaching of Jesus Christ, we write another ‘good word’ in our ‘Book of Life’.


Question 6: “Is there an easy way to write lots of ‘Amens’ in our ‘Book of Life’?”

Answer: “Yes! Catholics see the names of those who say ‘Amen.’ to Catholic Teachings on this page. We can think or say ‘God bless ________.’ for every person who says ‘Amen.’


Question 7: “What does that do?”

Answer: “Each prayer for a Catholic brother or sister is written in their ‘Book of Life’. It is also written in our ‘Book of Life’. God will read those words at their Judgment and ours when every ‘Book of Life’ is opened at His Judgment.” (Rev 20:12-15)


Question 8: “If a Catholic says ‘God bless _________.’ a thousand times a day, what happens to their souls at Judgment?”

Answer: “Every two or three years, we get to have a million Good Words written in our ‘Book of Life’! And, we get to write another million Good Words in a million other Catholic’s ‘Book of Life’!”


Question 9: “How long does it take to say ‘God bless _______.’ a thousand times?”

Answer: “A little over an hour.”

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