Who tells anti-Catholic Lies?

Moderating this site, Catholic Fundamentalism, on Facebook, something comes up, every day, that raises a question:

Why are there so many lies about The Roman Catholic Church?

This site is deluged with professional-quality lies that are spread about Catholics.  Many of them have to be “hidden”.  I, as moderator, do not want the poor person passing on the lies to have them held against them at Judgment.

The lies have similarities.

A typically depraved family of progressive lies:  “Catholics worship Mary.  Catholics worship statues.  Catholics worship saints.  Therefore, Catholics worship idols and violate the First Commandment.  That means The Roman Catholic Church is a heretical organization.  It works to do the devil’s work on earth.  All good Christians should shun it.  Catholics are all going to hell.”

Some of the lies are masked with charity.  “The poor, deluded, brain-washed Catholics are unable to think for themselves, and it is our Christian duty to free them from the evils of Catholicism.”

Many lies are spread by former Catholics:  “I am finally free of The Church’s oppression, and I can think for myself.”  Such statements clearly imply that we Catholics are incapable of independent thought.  Those claiming to be the happiest with their new-found independence use it to parrot the same, tired lies.

Many lies portray The Church as a totalitarian tyrant.  In those lies, the Pope is an evil being.  He is Hitler, Stalin, and Mao all rolled into one oppressive dictator.

Other groups of lies concern the one or two percent of ordained Catholics who are alleged to have abused children.  That is magnified into an all-inclusive roster of infamy.

Who tells anti-Catholic lies?  Where do anti-Catholic lies originate?  Corruption begins with the virus, and is spread by states and schismatics.

Why do they tell and spread anti-Catholic lies?  To devour souls and enslave people.

When we hear The Church insulted, demeaned, and attacked, we must remember:  The Protestant denominations are dying.  Their numbers are dropping, and their expenses are rising.  Churches are closing every day.  They cannot afford to have disaffected members embracing Catholicism.

So, many attacks on The Church are caused by financial worries.  Those worries are exacerbated by a basic economic fact:  The Church has a very low cost/member ratio.  As Protestant denominations shrink, they must exert more pressure for donations.  That drives more of their members away, increasing the shrinkage.

The more financially desperate the Protestant organizations become, the more The Roman Catholic Church is attacked. Currently, even the Baptists are dwindling in number and the liberal Mainline denominations are evaporating.  Attacks on Catholicism increase proportionately.

If you are Catholic, be glad.  It only means we are on the right side.