Those who fear the truth attack The Church.

Courage is one of the 12 Gifts of The Holy Spirit.  Courage is what allows us to seek truth, despite those who prefer lies.  The most important truth a person can possess is awareness of salvation through belief and obedience.

Catholics are required to have the Courage to do some amazingly unpopular things.  We have to take Communion when required, at least once a week and on Holy Days of Obligation.   Everything involved in Communion, Confession, and the other Sacraments is so politically incorrect that it requires Courage.

Courage is also necessary for marriage and for children.

Without Courage, we die.

Critics of The Roman Catholic Church lack the courage to honestly face their reasons for disliking The Church.  They fear to recognize that they are so attached to their sins that they just don’t want The Roman Catholic Church around.  Church critics are cowardly.  Those who fear the truth attack The Church.

Anti-Catholics seek what may be passed off as “historical” reasons why The Church is bad.  Some make frequent references to distortions of the Spanish Inquisition and the alleged improprieties of providing Indulgences.

The largely imaginary “wealth” of The Church resurfaces as a “credibility problem”.  The Church is blamed for a handful of child molesters.  Their sponsors, funded by God-hating Communists, brought them into The Church to destroy it.  They failed.

Yet, The Church’s critics will not let themselves see how cowardly they are.  They fear to admit that professional saboteurs dressed depraved people in sheep’s clothing and got them into the clergy.  They are also too afraid to admit that other denominations and religions have had even more of the same, destructive people inveigle themselves within them to gain access to children.  They hate The Roman Catholic Church too much to see that even national intelligence agencies, with endless funding, are not able to keep spies and saboteurs out.

We must help them see that such hatred has been put within them by their own demons to destroy their own souls.  Then, we have a duty to help them understand that the only escape from the damnation toward which they are being led is the very Church they criticize.  By doing so, we are truly doing God’s work.

Explaining the faith in worldly terms is an important part of the New Evangelizing.  This aspect of it is an outgrowth of Catholic Fundamentalism, helping us to see:  Those who fear the truth attack The Church.