Be afraid. Those in schism are leading us into a hell on earth.

Today’s Reading from the Book of Tobit, Tb 3:1-11, 16-17.

The first few passages are:

Grief-stricken in spirit, I, Tobit, groaned and wept aloud.
Then with sobs I began to pray:
. . . . . . . .

Punish me not for my sins,
nor for my inadvertent offenses,
nor for those of my ancestors.

“Yes, your judgments are many and true
in dealing with me as my sins
and those of my ancestors deserve.
For we have not kept your commandments,
nor have we trodden the paths of truth before you.

The underlined portion should be read while remembering:  Every day, 3,500 unborn babies are destroyed in the United States.    Every day, the lost souls cry out to God for vengeance and an end to the killing of innocents.  He handed over the Tribes of Jacob to “plundering, exile, and death” because they “sinned against God and disobeyed His commandments”.

Our crimes are worse.  Our own retribution awaits.

Our coming punishment will not be exile, but an invasion by hate-filled, Islamic ravagers.  Planeloads of them land every day, disappearing into scattered, growing radical groups training for our destruction.

Why are they permitted to assemble for our destruction?  Why is our own government so bribed it is unable to stop them?

God is allowing them to invade.  He has made our government an agent of His punishment.  It is as futile for us to think our government will save us as it was for the Northern Tribes to think their corrupt leaders would save their people from the Assyrians.  It was just as vain for the Southern Tribes to think their government could stop Babylonians.

He is sick of schism and division among Christians.  He is sick of the death it causes.  He is sick of the vanity that keeps people from uniting in His Church to stop the killing.

He is right to be disgusted with us.  We cannot stop abortion while we are divided.  We clearly see our inability to protect ourselves from new regiments of destroyers coming into our country, knowing that we are even made to pay for their travel here to destroy us.

The Islamic invaders are His “terrible, swift sword”.  They wait only for His signal to destroy our infrastructure and reduce us to slavery.

As long as there are Schismatics stopping the unity we need to end abortion, we are lost.  Their vanity will go on keeping God’s people from the unity necessary to stop the killing.  God’s punishment is near and it is clear.  As long as pro-life people remain in schism, we cannot defend innocent lives or our own.   Schismatic prayers for deliverance fall upon deaf ears.

Every day, our own government is being used against us to bring His retribution on we who did not stop abortion.

Be afraid.  Those in schism are leading us into a hell on earth.