God made stars. Why do Catholics think about that?

Question 1: “The more we learn about stars, the more complicated they are! Why did God make stars?”

Answer: “Stars help some people think about their souls.”


Question 2: “How do ‘stars’ make people think about their souls?”

Answer: “Each of us is a universe that reaches from our feet to the top of our head! Our soul is a very small ‘star’ in the universe that is us. Stars help us think about our soul. It is our star in the huge, dark universe around it.”


Question 3: “What do the ‘meteors’ symbolize in the sky?”

Answer: “The short-lived ‘meteors’ represent people who sell their souls for a few moments of fame. They flash through the sky to keep gullible people from thinking about saving their soul.”


Question 4: “Why does God want us to think about our soul?”

Answer: “God made our soul at the moment we were conceived. That tiny ‘spark of life’ fit inside us when we were smaller than a grain of salt!”


Question 5: “Will our soul live, forever?”

Answer: “Yes. It lives in us until we die.”


Question 6: “What happens to our soul when our body dies?”

Answer: “Our soul goes to Judgment.”


Question 7: “What happens when our soul goes to Judgment?”

Answer: “Jesus Christ will either let our soul into Heaven or He will send us to hell.”


Question 8: “Whose souls get into Heaven?”

Answer: “The ones who shine brightly enough to let them find the ‘keys’ to ‘The Kingdom of Heaven’.”


Question 9: “Is that why we should all think about some stars being brighter than others?”

Answer: “Yes! We can look up at night, and see the difference between bright stars and dim stars.”


Question 10: “How do we do we get our ‘star’ to shine more brightly?”

Answer: “By being more obedient to Every Teaching of Jesus Christ.”


Question 11: “Are bright and dim stars there to remind us that God won’t see souls that have darkened or distanced themselves from Him by willful sin?”

Answer: “That is a question worth asking!”


Question 12: “Does the star that is our soul grow dimmer or more distant from God every time we disobey any Teaching of Jesus?”

Answer: “Yes.”


Question 13: “I am going to spend more time looking at the stars!”

Answer: “Looking up is always best!”

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