Why do liberals lie all the time?

Many people are perpetually angry with liberals.  “How can they be so stupid?”, they ask in varying degrees of outrage.  “Look at those windmills!  They don’t produce any power!  They cost a fortune and they break all the time!  They actually use electricity to keep the blades turning when the wind isn’t blowing!  They raise our electric bills!  They kill birds and bats!  They make noise!  They destroy property values!  Why do liberals lie all the time?”

The same litany of insults accompanies every manifestation of leftist boobery. “Why are they tearing down perfectly good hydro-electric dams!  Why do the worry about the ozone hole?  The ice caps haven’t melted!  Polar bears aren’t becoming extinct.  There are more polar bears than ever!  Florida and Manhattan are not under water!  Why do liberals lie all the time?”

Outraged  conservatives rant:  “Every news broadcast, magazine, and newspaper spews lies, exaggerations, Imaginary Problems, and fears.  This year, they’re saying aspirin is bad for us.  Last year, it was good.  Last year eggs were bad.  This year, eggs are good for you!  Last year, plastic bags were bad.  This year, reusable grocery bags cause food poisoning.  Why do liberals lie all the time?”

The question spills over into religion.   catholicfundamentalism.com  is the most conservative religious site on the internet.  Readers ask, “Why do liberals lie all the time?”

Lies reflect sin.  As lies increase, sinners have an increasingly hard time loving the truth as they become more distant from the eternal truth personified by God.

Those who go on lying never understand the full implications of Catholic Fundamentalism’s conclusion:  “The Garden is self-weeding.” until the trap door opens.  In that final earthly moment, a most agonizing part of their punishment begins with the realization that the unending, no longer avoidable pain and suffering immediately before them would have been escaped if they’d straightened out and pleaded for forgiveness a mere thirty seconds earlier.

As they plummet into pain, they are consumed with hatred for the living error who led them astray.  At the same time, they more fully understand that the pain of the preceding micro-seconds is only a beginning of the torment with which their betrayer manifests the hate he has for all those who let themselves be tempted by him and his minions into their awful pit.

Why do liberals lie all the time?  Liberals lie all the time because they are not able to resist the devil’s temptations to do so.

Why are they unable to resist the devil’s temptations?  Because they are not good Catholics.

Why is only Catholicism mentioned as a way to resist the devil’s temptations?   Because He Whom the devil could not tempt during His 40 days in the desert, or at any other part of His life, told us:  “If you do not eat My Body and drink My Blood, you do not have life in you.”

His life conquers death, the greatest of lies.  His Life can only be put within us by The Roman Catholic Church, through the Sacrament of Communion.  If we use our free will to make the decisions to receive His Life within us, we are able to resist the death that comes from giving in to earthly temptations.