Why some won’t be Catholic.

It’s hard for some people to be, or remain, Roman Catholic.  Some people just don’t like rules.  “No one’s going to tell me what to believe.”  When speaking, the corners of the speaker’s mouth are often turned down in a facial show of “I’m right and that’s what counts.”  An emphatic nod often accompanies the words and grimace.

One issue that separates many people from The Church is fornication.   Is fornication just a sin for Catholics?  It has, in the past half century, become a “non-sin” in the minds of many, especially those who announce, “No one’s going to tell me what to believe.”

And, The Church is very firm about the definition of fornication:  It is sex that takes place outside a valid marriage.

There are  more rules.  If a Catholic divorces, later marriages are not valid unless any prior marriage is annulled.  And, a person in an invalid marriage is not allowed to receive the other Sacraments unless they are in a celibate state.

Is fornication just a sin for Catholics?  No, but many denominations overlook it.   That is wrong.  Fornication is one of several sins specifically mentioned at the end of the Bible.  The last few lines of the Book of Revelation make it very clear that fornicators can’t get into Heaven.

Many find that celibacy is better than living in a way The Church disapproves.   On the other hand, many would rather leave The Church than obey Her teachings and follow Her rules.

We may feel sorry for them.  But, Jesus did say, “My yoke is easy and My burden is light.”  So, it’s really not that hard to follow the rules.  We may gain greater understanding by realizing that The Garden is self-weeding.

It’s better to be obedient, and get into Heaven, than break the rules.