Will we be able to read OUR “Book of Life” after we die?

A new idea? After we die, do we get to read A Trillion “Books of Life” in God’s Library?


Question 1: “Do we get to read our ‘Book of Life’ to see why God gave His Judgment on us?”

Answer: “Every person who ever lived may get to read everyone’s ‘Book of Life’! Then, we will understand what we did, or did not do, that caused God to render His Verdict on us.”


Question 2: “Do the souls in hell have to spend eternity endlessly reading and re-reading every sin that kept them out of Heaven?”

Answer: “That may be part of God’s Justice. No matter where they look, condemned souls can see only the pain of sins that keep them from God, forever.”


Question 3: “Will people only be able to read their own ‘Book of Life’?”

Answer: “We may be able to read our parents’, our grandparents’, and our ancestors’ ‘Books of Life’. Then, we can understand the decisions they made that helped or hurt us. We can read about everything that made us who and what we are!”


Question 4: “Could we go back beyond Abraham and Sarah to read the ‘Books of Life’ written by Adam and Eve?”

Answer: “Exactly! And, we may have access to the ‘Books of Life’ that describe The Prophets, Apostles, Catholic Saints, and neighbors! Their ‘Books of Life’ will help us know and love God even more!”


Question 5: “Why didn’t anyone tell us that it might be possible for us to read ‘The Book of Life’ about every person we wanted?”

Answer: “Most of us are too busy and confused to think more about God than we already do. Few people like to think about new ideas.”


Question 6: “But, this is incredible! Has any Catholic suggested that there are no secrets in Heaven or hell?”

Answer: “Catholics can understand that possibility! The Catholic Catechism, for instance, explains the Thinking on which all Catholic Theology is built. The Church has no secrets.

Every single ‘Book of Life’ in Heaven’s Trillion Volume Library may be as open to Catholics as The Catholic Catechism is on earth.”


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