With Mary, life. Without? Death.


With Mary, life.  Without?  Death.  There is a line in Chesterton’s Lepanto, “and Christian hateth Mary, whom God killed in Galilee. . .” The devil hates Mary because she gave birth to Salvation.

Many call themselves Christian, but do not recognize The Trinity, usually making The Son less than The Father and The Holy Spirit. That distorted view of God keeps them from seeing Mary as The Mother of God. History shows that bad things happen to those who do not see Mary as The Mother of God.

Nestorian Christians believed that Mary was not The Mother of God, but only of Her Son’s human nature. Big mistake. Their vast lands and peoples in Persia/Iran were among the first to fall to Moslem, one Scourge of God. His Scourge falls on all who demean His Blessed Mother.

Egypt, Ethiopia and Somalia have fallen. Odd views of The Trinity kept them from Mary’s protection. Some, despite calling themselves “Orthodox”, have a subtle difference in their idea of The Trinity. The Son, they say, is less than The Father.

The Greeks were closer than the Nestorians and other schisms to Catholic beliefs. They were given time to straighten out. But, they persisted in elevating their Greek Church to the level of Rome. Their crime against The Trinity was to say “We believe in God, but we do not respect The Son enough to heed His statement of fact: ‘I say unto you thou art Peter and on this rock I build My Church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.  I give you the keys to The Kingdom of Heaven.'” The Greeks were too vain to believe and obey. “We know more than Jesus.” they insisted, even as Constantinople burned with the screams of raped women and children echoing in their ears.

God gave Greeks time to straighten out. For hundreds of years, He gave Greek possessions and people in Syria and Turkey to Moslems. Still, the Greeks were too vain to recognize the Successors of Peter.

Finally, God gave Constantinople to Moslem invaders in 1453. It was not enough for Him to have Constantinople turned into Istanbul.  God had Moslem forces brought into, and past Greece from Turkey. Like a surgeon cutting out a tumor, God excised the Balkan lands of the Greek Orthodox.  He gave them and their people to Moslems, as well.

The Russian Orthodox were also separated from Mary by renouncing The Only Church Jesus Founded. Russia was punished by Communist takeover for denying The Son’s authority to begin The Only Church He Founded. Communism is a “Specialized” Scourge of God wielded by those who worshiped the false trinity of liberty, equality, and fraternity.

You’d think Protestants would learn. Jesus loves His Blessed Mother. God’s favor does not fall upon those who do not similarly love and respect His Blessed Mother. What falls on such people? The Scourge of God. With Mary, life. Without? Death.

Here, in America, many join “evangelical, non-denominational” factions, mostly led by ambitious men with Marketing Plans. There is no true recognition of The Trinity, so there is no deep understanding that Mary is The Mother of God. As a result, we have abortion and other sins emergent.

We can see where The Scourge of God is going to fall. Hopefully, enough of us can straighten out, become Catholic, and keep our children free from death and slavery. With Mary, life. Without? Death. When we look at the results of the vain choices earlier Protestant nations made, “We’re gonna get it next!” seems the most rational awareness.