Without Catholicism, lunacy.

We all live in a world filled with Endless Alarmism, one of the denominations in the religions embraced by the other side. Those who focus on the Programmer are struck by the inherent, utter lunacies of Endless Alarmism. “Global freezing” becomes “global warming” becomes “climate change” in the blinking of an eye.

Normal, healthy children are called “fat”, and “fat” is said to be bad. But, the longest average life spans, found in Australia, where most people are “fat”. Insanity ignores reality.

There is not one area in which lunacy has not made great strides. In Education, children learn less than ever at ever-growing costs. In the workplace, entry-level jobs are destroyed every time minimum wage is increased. In the home, costs are sky-rocketing as public water and sewer systems put ever-higher taxes on bathing, drinking, and using the toilet.

Law Enforcement now has more policemen, who have put more people in jail, than ever. Most are incarcerated for using or selling drugs that were perfectly legal a hundred years ago. As soon as the drug dealers are locked up, or dead, new crimes will be invented to maintain the vast number of jobs in the criminal “justice” system. One can that many in law enforcement believe that some new crimes, like public smoking, have to be invented to provide full employment. Big fines are always an incitement to more laws.

Agriculture is continually criticized. Rather than being thankful that fewer people are producing more, constant carping is directed at everything from seed genetics to farm animals that pass gas while digesting grass. Evil methane, you know. Insanity everywhere.

It’s nothing new. But, in the old days, the Roman Catholic Church was telling people to tell the truth and love their neighbor. There was a balance. The reality of final judgment was clearer, and had a salutary effect on truth.

Now, people “want to find their own way.” God, as He did when He gave our ancestors the king they wanted, and, later, allowed those kings to be replaced with the ancestral forms of Endless Alarmism, is allowing the world to get by, as it wishes, with less influence from The Church.

“God, we’d rather do it ourselves.” egomaniacs say. He shrugs sadly, knowing that so many of His beloved children will be hurt, knowing that what He’s really doing is giving them enough rope; rope which they will not only hang themselves, but also, by which they will be dangled over the flames forever.

Government, always a lunatic asylum, is controlled by the craziest of the inmates.

Cheer up. Things have been worse. And, things will get worse, again. And, they will get better. Our job? Love God. Love our neighbor. Tell the truth. Do nothing to support the loons in their unending battle against life, truth, common sense, and The Church, whose doorway to salvation remains open to all.