Words. #3.

Catholic Fundamentalism understands what no others do. Every word describes a program.

With God, words are programs. When He said “Let there be light.” His Program for the entire energy spectrum was downloaded. At that time, “non-light” automatically appeared. The first binary system had appeared. Light and dark.

Then, He downloaded the elements and compounds. The Periodic Table came into being with all its fullness. Along with it, He downloaded the necessary energy programs to keep things going.

He also wanted to provide some degree of complexity, so the various orbiting bodies and their paths were programmed. Far away, He downloaded lots of sparkly things. “Give ’em something to think about.”, He and His Programming Assistants, called “angels” in the Iron Ages, ended up with The Earth Program.

The Earth Program, and all its billions of interwoven sub-programs, was given light and warmth by the miraculously self-sustaining, and highly automated, Sun Program.

After the various solid, liquid and gas programs were written and downloaded, it was time for the various plant and animal programs. They were replicating programs. “Wow!” said a trillion angels. “This is fun!” as they watched squirrels and monkeys climb trees, snails gliding on highways of slime, and wolves howling at the recently downloaded Moon Program.

Then, The Loving Programmer brought it all together. “All this is to provide free will for beings who will either choose to believe and obey me or let themselves be infected and destroyed by various viruses of Disobedience. We’ll call them ‘People Programs’. They have to be so free that they can’t tell I made all this. Otherwise, they’d be forced to believe in me, and they wouldn’t be as free.”

And, it was done. From the farthest star to the smallest quark, not one of the free will programs could prove that God had downloaded The Creation Program. And, none of the free will programs could prove that it was an accidental being that had “evolved” by a series of accidental happenings.

Each free will program was downloaded around its essence, its soul. Each was different from all others. Some free will programs turned into bullies, and spent their lives trying to take free will from other free will programs.

Others freely chose to hear, and obey, The Word. Every word describes a program.