Wrongness comes from within.

Sometimes, innocence is used by the other side to justify cowardice.  A political leader justifying his votes for more debt by saying, “Debt is not as important as all the other issues I support.” is wrong.

He may be called on being wrong.  But, being wrong on an issue is not as important as the wrongness that led to, and which justifies, the error.

We see few who will confront errors by saying:  ”  You are wrong not just on this issue.  You are wrong because your entire belief system is wrong.  Since you have embraced wrongness, you must always be wrong.  There is something wrong with you.”

The rare people who offer such criticisms are thought to be radical, rude, and insensitive.  But, errors do not come from truth.  Mistakes are not the same as being right. 

Beneath, behind, and supporting every error in judgment is a flawed soul.  Each flawed soul accepts errors and makes mistakes proportionately to the degree of the flaw.

The Creation Program is set up so that every person in every place and age can look at the wrong decisions of leaders and must choose to believe and obey them, or God.  Sometimes, it’s painful to realize just how thoroughly The Loving Programmer has programmed the weeding of the garden.