dis is the first, and last, Protestant

Protestant History, from Lucifer to Luther, is summed up:  dis is the first, and last, Protestant.  Lucifer, “dis” in living form, was the first Protestant.  He led Adam, Eve, and Cain to disobey.

Dis is the disrupting source of evil.  Dis attacked Adam and Eve in The Garden.   Dis  disrupts belief in God, and drives us to dissent from the source of life promised by He Who Fulfilled the Prophecies, “If you do not eat My Body and drink My Blood you do not have life in you.”  Dis has tried to destroy The Only Church Jesus Founded since Judas, the first Protestant after The Last Supper.

In The Inferno, Dante uses the word “dis” to describe hell.  In hell,  all is “dis“.

The disunity of 43,000 Protestant schisms proves that many professional Protestants adopt varying degrees of “dis“.

Every new schismatic displays disobedience,  disagreement, dissent, disarray, disassembly,  disbelief, disconcert, discordance, self-serving dishonesty, dishonor, disintegration, disorder, disparagement, disproportional thinking, disputatious attitudes, disquiet, disrespect, disruption, dissent, and disservice to The Only Church Jesus Founded and to the earlier schisms they leave to found their new ones.

Such schismatics encourage dissimulation that leads to dissipation, dissolution, distemper, distortion, distraction, distress, distrust, disturbance, disunity, and death of their prior schism.

For Protestants, most of the “dis” words take theological form in every new schism invented by every new schismatic who sees profit in a new disunity.

Protestantism is enshrined, and, entombed, in “dis“.

Why this hatred for loving and obeying God?   Why this deep-rooted aversion to His unchanging teaching in The Only Church Jesus Founded?   At the heart of Protestantism is the Protest.   The core of the nature of Protest is the i in Protestantism.   The “I” in “ism” comes to the forefront.  “I think.  I know.  I want.  I have.  I did.  I will.  II I!  Me!  Me!  Me!  I bear public witness that I want all to look at me!”

Opposing the glorification of self, Jesus was clear about the need to obey two rules:  “Love God and your neighbor as yourself.”

When one sees how perfectly “dis” describes the Protestant nature, we return to The Bible’s description of the first murderer.  The Bible clearly lists adjectives that describe Cain, then and in every generation.  The adjectives chosen by God in Genesis describe Cain as an “angry, downcast, ill-disposed, lying, disobedient, slothful, jealous, accursed, unproductive,  wandering fugitive who hid from God”.

dis” is the first, and last, Protestant.  It is far better to be an obedient Catholic, receive His Body and Blood, and “have life in you” than to be lost in the schism of a schism of a schism.