Breaking free from conventional reality.

Breaking free from conventional reality. One of our most difficult problems is to find truth. We are surrounded by lies, we are swimming in lies, and we listen to lies. Often, hopefully unwittingly, we tell lies. We are stuck in lies like fish in water.

St. William of Ockham may not have been clear when he said “entities should not be multiplied needlessly”, but he was made more readily understandable when the passage was restated “cut away everything unnecessary.”

We can find truth by cutting away almost everything we’ve ever learned.

When we understand that God can program in many dimensions, we increasingly see how believable the six day Creation recorded in Genesis is. Why would God waste time? If He is powerful enough to make the world in six days, why would he have taken twenty billion years? Frankly, the other side’s long timelines become more ridiculous the more we explore His ability to program actual particles.

Once we see that He could have programmed all things and put them in motion, and that He did so in such a brilliant way that no human being could prove He did it, the Catholic Church helps us see that He went to all that trouble to give us free will.

The steps to breaking free from conventional reality are these:

1. Think about God as a powerful programmer who programs what we see as actual particles.

2. Consider that God could have programmed the nine orders of angels as sub-programmers who help Him with programming needs.

3. Put the thought in your mind that you are so important that He did all this so that you could have the joy of finding Him.

4. Understand that it’s possible that He wanted you to be reading this now so your own faith would be deepened to help lead others to Him.

5. Ask others if they think that God has the ability to program actual particles, program their motion, and compile things and movements in such a way that we could never prove He did it.

6. Wonder if He put into place a special organization, and appointed a leader and structure to replace itself for all the time the Program would run, to tell people of every age about God and his love for us.

Then, we simply pray.

Every day.