Catholic Fundamentalism

Catholic Fundamentalism

combines two politically incorrect words that make most liberals turn away. You can watch them thinking about the term. “Ugh. Catholics are bad enough, Fundamentalists are worse, therefore, Catholic Fundamentalists must be the worst of all!”

On the other hand, Catholic Fundamentalism does connect the teachings of the Bible, its miracles, and the Catholic Church with the Fundamentalists’ approach to Scripture so well that it’s undeniable. When we explain to a leftist (try it sometime, it can be an enjoyable experience) “God can program in three dimensions. He actually programmed particles, with some kind of 3-D fractal geometry. Then, He compiled the particles into systems and beings, all to give us beloved human beings free will. He did all that, and more, because He wanted us to have the joy of knowing Him.”

One reason that Catholic Fundamentalism is so widely ignored is that it simply cannot be contradicted. It’s so inclusive that every objection is rebutted within it. Let’s see how that works:

Enlightened Unbeliever: “The world has to be twenty billion years old. Human life, according to carbon-14 analysis, began ten, twenty, thirty, a hundred, etc. million years ago.”

Catholic Fundamentalist: “God programmed everything so each of us, including you and me, would have free will. He wanted us to freely choose to obey Him, not be forced into it by being able to prove that He programmed the whole universe. Carbon-14, and all the things that indicate the possibility of a self-occurring universe were programmed to guarantee that we’d have free will. He’s such a powerful programmer that it only took Him a week. ”

Enlightened Unbeliever: “But, that’s a circular argument.”

Catholic Fundamentalist: “Some say that all arguments are circular. The goal is to get as big a circle as possible, and there’s no bigger circle than Catholic Fundamentalism.”