Herding the “herd in the bulge” .

The huge bulge in the center two thirds of the bell curve does not contain those who should be mocked by those who, by some tests, are determined to be “smarter” than most others. There are some areas in which each of us is comparatively average, and on some abilities, absolutely retarded.

Those who are especially clever are able to manipulate those they picture in the bulge, the vast “herd” whose beliefs and attitudes can be changed by barely brighter people telling them how to think and feel. Those involved in the process think they’re doing something important, and it can be interesting to watch their effects on the “herd in the bulge”.

With a few thousand broadcasts, the “herd in the bulge” can be made to believe “global freezing will destroy us all.” The herd will move, with increasing speed, toward activities that will “make us safe from global freezing.”

Then, with amazing speed, the huge herd, without even slowing or stopping, can be turned to race back in the opposite direction, “deeply concerned about global warming”. With enough encouragement, the cowboys can get the herd to turn on a dime, trampling the vestigial remnants of common sense and self-respect beneath the thundering hooves.