Catholic guilt is good.

The Catholic Church offers one thing lacking in the schisms. The schisms, which have been founded by opportunists ranging from ax murderers to polygamists, provide little about which to feel guilty.

One can read many biographies of schism-founders and say to themselves: “He has done nothing to make me feel guilty about my own shortcomings. Since I am as good, or better, than the founder of my schism, I have no reason to feel guilty about anything I do.”

This soon leads to such mindless inanities as “I’m okay. You’re okay.” People in prison counseling are, in fact, encouraged to come to that conclusion before using their recent graduation from such courses of study to gain early release from prison, often followed by more crime. That, in the downward spiral, may be followed by incarceration and even more courses, assuring the malefactor that he is right to adopt the “I’m okay. You’re okay.” so that he may return to “feeling good about himself”.

The Catholic response is more factual. “If you do not repent, confess, and receive Absolution, your soul will leave your body and suffer the greatest pain you have ever known. Forever.” That, of course, is discouraged by those who, directly or indirectly, profit from the sins into which those who choose to not be obedient Catholics sink.

The “I’m okay. You’re okay.” people insist that they are helping. “I just want to free people from guilt. Those Catholics are always making feel guilty about committing all kinds of sin. That is wrong and oppressive.”

As a result of self-worship, more souls are lost while repeating mindlessly, “I am a good person. I have a right to feel good about myself.”

Those whose non-judgmental, amoral beliefs separate themselves from God and The Church Jesus Founded have improperly used their free will. The consequences are awful. The results are worse if, in the process of “feeling good about themselves”, they have urged others to “free themselves from guilt.”

Catholic guilt it good. It helps us to better love God and our neighbors.