Catholicism is the most reasonable explanation for all.

Catholic Fundamentalism began when it became clear that one of the most bizarre passages in the Bible was found to be literally true. “A rich man will have a harder time getting into Heaven than a camel going through the eye of a needle.”

That passage was taken allegorically until Catholic Fundamentalism said, “Jesus was speaking literally, as well.” and showed what was thought to be impossible was actually true, that a camel could go through the eye of a needle. Obvious solutions, like incinerating the camel, diluting the ashes with water, and dribbling it through a tiny tube going through a needle’s eye might take a year or so, but the camel would not be able to walk.

Similarly, a giant needle, several blocks long, could have an eye through which a camel could pass, but would not be a real needle with which one would sew on a button.

The answer finally appeared: “Take an egg from an ovulating camel, fertilize it with a donation from a male camel, and put the dividing cells in a drop of amniotic fluid on a microscope slide. While the microscopic zygote is growing, a needle placed in the drop of fluid can be moved under and upwards so that the fertilized egg passes through its eye. The process can be video-taped. Then, the group of growing cells are placed into the womb of the mother camel where it will grow and develop.

When that camel is born, it will be a camel that has gone through the eye of a needle.

Once that most bizarre of passages could be seen as reality, Catholic Fundamentalism realized that the Seven Day Creation recorded in Genesis could also be literal truth. This thought appeared: “God programs in particles and energies. He wrote and downloaded The Creation Program. 3-D movies are written and downloaded by human programmers. They provide the pale imitation that shows how much greater God, The Loving Programmer, is than we human programs. We are so complicated we have free will.

With that free will, some see what is around us and freely decide: “This is all an accident.”

Others see the same things, and realize “God has written, downloaded, compiled, and interwoven countless sub-programs. They make up make up the planets, plants, animals, galaxies, and everything else in The Creation Program. We are here, as The Church says, to save our souls. Or, not. We cannot prove, or disprove either position with intellect, because that would give smarter people an unfair chance of salvation.

We human programs live in The Creation Program. The Loving Programmer’s Sub-Programmers, called “angels” in the Iron Ages, helped Him with writing and downloading the myriad of sub-programs of which we, and all that surround us, are comprised.

The Catholic Church is built on the predictions of the prophets, and their Fulfillment, Jesus Christ. By describing that fact with the latest programming concepts, we find that: Catholicism is the most reasonable explanation for all.