Catholics know why some people are unhappy.

Unhappy people agree: “I hate Alexander Fleming!

Happy people are thankful for Alexander Fleming. His invention of penicillin led to other medicines that keep hundreds of millions of people from dying!

Unhappy people are not happy about that. “I hate Alexander Fleming! No one should be allowed to think of anything as good as penicillin!”

They explain. “Smart men hurt my feelings! No one should be allowed to think of anything that I am not smart enough to invent!”


Unhappy people hate to turn on a light! “Some smart man invented lightbulbs! I hate him! I hate the men who were smart enough to invent ways to make generators, wires, plugs, and sockets! Those men are smarter than me! I hate them all!”


Unhappy people get angry every time they get in a car. They are surrounded by thousands of moving parts. They know!

“Every part of my car makes me feel stupid. I could not have invented a single part of my car! It took me a month to decide what color I should have!”

They rave on! “I hate the people who invented all those parts. I hate the people who make all those parts! I hate the people who assembled them! I hate the people who sell cars! I hate the banks that lend the money to buy cars! All those people are smarter than me!”

All their hatred is summed up in eleven words! “We hate everyone who is smart enough to solve real problems!”


Unhappy people love one part of The Bible. “We like the part where Cain killed Abel! Abel was smarter and worked harder than Cain. Dumb and lazy people have feelings! Cain was right to kill Abel!”

They hate another part of The Bible. They hate to read: “Love God and love your neighbor as yourself.”


Unhappy people form political groups. They all agree! “We hate God! And, we hate every person who is smart enough to solve real problems! That’s why we love guillotines!”

What do they hate the most? Unhappy people who are honest know! “We never had families who loved us. That’s why our only love is hating.”

Happy Catholics know: “Our unhappy neighbors need love more than penicillin.”